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Føroysk útgáva
Faroese jurisdiction Legal expertise Lawyers Staff
Advokatskrivstovan is a partnership

with 7 lawyers and 1 associate with broad experience from rendering legal advice to Faroese and foreign businesses. We also represent individuals as well as Faroese and foreign public authorities.

The lawyers have graduated from universities in Denmark. We represent our clients at all levels in the Danish judicial system, i.e. before the Court of the Faroe Islands, the Danish High Court and the Danish Supreme Court.


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Halgir Winther Poulsen

Óla Jákup Kristoffersen

Fríða Patursson

Niels Winther Poulsen

Christian F. Andreasen

Jógvan Elias Winther Poulsen

Eyðbjørn Larsen

Birita Sandberg Samuelsen
Frúutrøð 4 - Box 6 - FO-110 Tórshavn - Faroe Islands - Tel. +298 35 33 35 - Fax. +298 35 33 36 - e-mail jura@jura.fo
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